David Kennedy and Sarah Sheehan

Thank you for looking us up!

We love our work. To create beautiful images and designs, to work with gorgeous families, to support small or artisan businesses and bigger fish, and to discover and tell stories about the wonderful world we all live in and need to sustain – what more could we ever want from working hard and creatively?

Our passion is for the visual and for story telling; for what has been created by people or by nature. We want to inspire and excite other people with our energy and enthusiasm for delivering first class creative solutions. 

When people meet and engage with us, one of their first questions is 'where are you based?'. But we work internationally, not just work with people near us. We travel and create, with clients who are often not based in the same country as we are but whom we will visit to meet their needs. 

As a unique creative and visual agency, we love working with people who get what we do and would be excited to work with you. We adore commissions and collaborations.

This is our website – it's like our front room. Take a look, settle down, make yourself comfortable. If we could, we'd have a chat over a cup of coffee and do our best to make you laugh and feel inspired. In fact, we'd be happy to FaceTime or Skype though the technology won't let us make you that coffee... yet. 

We'd love to get to know you and what makes you tick. Just send us a message from this site and we will be back to you as quick as we can be. 

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