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Event Photography

You’ve got a great event coming up.

Maybe you want to promote it in advance and excite people so that they will come or buy a ticket and come.

You want your publicity to stand out from the crowd on social media and in other marketing.

To do this you need impactful images that will make people look and say something to them about your event.

Maybe you want to capture special memories of an occasion in life. Perhaps you are welcoming a new family member, marking a special birthday, gathering the generations together or celebrating a new union.

Maybe you are launching a new product, opening a shop or food or drink establishment, and you want eye-catching images to make people think of you and your exciting business to drive customers your way.

Or you are a charity with a fund-raising initiative and you want good images of what you are doing as a charity and of your events to help with that.

As someone who has had a corporate career, and now as a self-employed photographer, I am very aware of the importance of good and effective marketing and the power of images and design to make your marketing sing out what you want to get across to your customers.

I work closely with New Cottage Creative, who can also provide design and marketing services to you for your great event.

If you would be interested in excellent imagery to support and commemorate your event, just message me from this site.

If you'd like this to be part of a wider marketing or branding initiative then I can also pass your details to New Cottage Creative.


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