Fine Art Photography - David Kennedy

Fine Art Photography

So you've seen an image that you love. It says something to you or it just intrigues you and makes you think.

What about having a copy you can look at every day?

A work of art on your wall?

Many images today are captured simply to be shown on digital platforms or to be printed for an album or to join a collection of, say, family photos. Others are shot to record a moment or to serve a marketing or commercial purpose. Some are more than that.

Probably everyone has a different view as to what is "art" photography, and certainly what is "fine art".

For me it is about what someone would not consider being out of place in a gallery, an image that the right person would aspire to own a limited edition print of so they can hang it in their home or business and feel proud to own.

As a photographer, fine art projects are the ones that demand the most creativity and stretch the technical and artistic abilities of the photographer.

Any of the images on this website, other than those that have copyright restrictions, are available as prints, so if you see something you love then don't hesitate to contact me.

In this slideshow I am showing some of my more artistic work and pieces that I think could grace anyone's house or business with distinction. All of these can be purchased from me as prints in a wide variety of formats.

If you have an idea for a creative project, I am always open to ideas for photography and really keen on collaborating with fellow creatives. Feel free to contact me.


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