Food Photography - David Kennedy

Food and Drink Photography

My passion for fabulous food and drink, and the creativity that makes the greatest tastes and environments for producing and consuming food started as a little child.

I was brought up before supermarkets really took off, shopping in real markets, using the corner shop and local bakeries and butchers, grocers and other artisan food producers and creators.

I am an enthusiastic supporter of local food, of the slow food movement, and initiatives to support and promote these. Equally I have travelled and experienced foodie fabulousness in Europe, Asia and beyond.

I work closely with New Cottage Creative, who specialise in packaging and marketing material and work for several local food producers. Shortly we will be launching our joint foodie website to talk about and promote everything we believe in in food and drink.


Whether you are a farmer, a producer of artisan food or drink, a dedicated food retailer, a restaurant cafe or pub, a creative chef or a food promoter, I can help you take advantage of the value of brilliant visual imagery to draw attention to all your hard work and creativity.

I know how difficult it is for small food businesses and I can work on a pay-per-image basis if this helps you, or on a day or hourly rate.

Please take a look at my small selection of images on this page.

If you would be interested in having great imagery, just message me from this site. If you’d like this to be part of a wider marketing or branding initiative then I can also pass your details to New Cottage Creative.


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