Landscapes and Nature - David Kennedy

Landscapes and Nature

Elterwater and Langdale Pikes

The natural world was fundamental to my early interest in photography. 

I love working with my cameras outdoors. 

I love natural light and working with the moods and dramas of the weather and the sun.

Whether on a beach, at sea, at the top of a mountain, or in a valley, the world of nature creates some of the best images you will ever see.

I have learnt to craft the light into my camera, not just work on a computer, to compose and direct an image to tell the story of a landscape and its natural characteristics.

Some of these images are art, and would look great on someone's wall or in a gallery. If you'd like a print of any of my landscapes please don't hesitate to contact me through this website.

Some of these images are great illustrations of a place or of a time of year.Should you be interested in any of my landscape or nature work, please get in touch.


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