Pet Photography - David Kennedy

Pet and Animal Photography

Pets enchant and delight us.

They lift our spirits, look after us, and engage with us.

I love capturing the essence of pets and their relationship with you and family.

Whether you have a lovely pup (of any age) or a regal pussycat, a beloved equine, or a more exotic companion, they are special, have character and create emotions for you.

Whilst studio portraits of dogs and other pets are wonderful and I enjoy making them, it is also important to get out of the studio. To go where your beloved is happiest, maybe on a dog walk, or chasing a ball indoors or out.

Capturing your special friend in the field, at play, or on a hack. At sleep or interacting with you or family members. Basking in the sun. In their favourite places with their favourite toys or other items.

You want images that will always tell you of your bond with that special companion and bring back wonderful memories and feelings. I want to create those images for you. Please take a look at my small selection of images.

If you would be interested in having great pictures of your truthful and adored companion, just message me from this site.


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