Great Places - David Kennedy and Sarah Sheehan

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Great Places - Place Photography

My fascination with places, how they are shaped by nature and by humanity and how they shape us, is my biggest passion. I worked for a long time in improving places for people and am an urbanist by profession, although I love places both rural and urban. 

Sarah and I are extensively travelled and the volume of images of places that I have makes it impossible to get across on a web page. Some small examples are below.

If you have a need as an architect or someone involved in development, as a community or local authority, or as a travel editor or reporter, or just want great photos for your walls, then do please contact me.

Travels in Brian is all about adventuring, visiting and narrating about great places.

  • Brian on the Passage de Gois
  • Business cards_v1
  • Brian at the Col de Tourmalet